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Health Nexus is a marketplace built by SimplyVital Health to handle data transfer, payments, and storage in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare application providers can build services on the Health Nexus marketplace for users to access and share data.. As an example, the team predicts application will be built around: The Health Nexus system will utilize a distributed hash table (DHT) for data storage, managed by a governance system. It will allow hospitals to securely store and share data in real time on the Health Nexus network, but this phase will likely take the longest to implement. Thus, Health Nexus is launching the HLTH token to be compliant with healthcare processes and have data sharing capabilities.. Like Ethereum has ether, Health Nexus has health cash. Health Cash is abbreviated as HLTH. The HLTH token gives immediate access to the Health Nexus key/pair system, which lets token holders use HLTH to purchase data-access keys from compatible data providers. It can also be voluntarily exchanged for health cash on Health Nexus once commercially released. Your request has been sent. We will contact you asap. This offer is based on information provided solely by the offeror and other publicly available information. The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to TokenMarket and TokenMarket has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion). Token sales listed from persons that TokenMarket has no relationship with are shown only to help customers keep track of the activity taking place within the overall token sector. This information is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist advice or carry out your own due diligence before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content on our site. Please refer to our website terms and conditions. If you have any concerns about the nature, propriety or legality of this token sale or the persons involved in it please contact [email protected] with detailed information about your concerns. Please also review our Sector Risk Warnings page here before you decide whether to commit any of your assets in respect of this product or service (or any other). Each Token project is different and the need for TokenMarket services varies - therefore sometimes all services are not provided and sometimes additional services are requested. TokenMarket receives compensation from the Token project for the provision of the services. The exact nature of the compensation varies. Depending on project and stage of the Token Sale TokenMarket receives a fixed fee and/or a percentage fee based on the volume of the sale. The average size of the total compensation is a mid to low single digit percentage. The fee paid is paid in the currency of the Token sale or in the Token itself. TokenMarket 2018 Summit is in Gibraltar 28-29th June.

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Come see where the blockchain action happens.

Overall, we are neutral about both the flipping and long-term potential of this ICO. Our thoughts on buying the tokens for flipping and investing for the long term are as follows: For flipping: Neutral. We believe a presale bonus of up to 60% with no lockup, with a hard cap of up to $30 million is tough to reach in the current market environment. Exact crowdsale date is not yet announced, so it is uncertain when the tokens will be distributed and tradable. We believe there wouldn’t be much unmet demand following the token sale. For long-term holding: Neutral. The success of the platform hinges on whether the two-sided market of applications and users can gain traction. If the industry players are willing to adapt to new technology and build application on the marketplace, Health Nexus would have a much easier time attracting users. While the team is strong, there isn’t a healthcare veteran who is well connected in the industry and related government officials. This is important because what the project is trying to accomplish is heavily regulated. You’ll be kept up-to-date with our progress regarding ICO’s site updates and lots of other goodies. ‍ Healthcare is moving toward value based care, which ties payment to outcomes. In the US alone it is estimated that in 2018 this market will surpass $300 billion. To participate providers will need to work together like they never have before. That’s why we built ConnectingCare, our revenue generating healthcare application that utilizes blockchain to create an immutable audit trail so providers can collaborate. ‍ Health Nexus aims to create a decentralized, open, and fully-compliant system where healthcare providers globally can collaborate with each other to manage the outcomes of their patients. ‍ Health Nexus will enable a decentralized and secure exchange of information, improve cross-provider care, and enable an open environment where application providers can build tomorrow’s healthcare applications. ‍ Open source Health Nexus developer tools are open source and free allowing community members to build and deploy distributed apps. Developers can create solutions for any part of healthcare: patients, pharmacies, healthcare providers, insurers, or clinical researchers. ‍ Token: Health Cash Because Health Nexus is a new blockchain, every transaction on the Health Nexus blockchain requires Health Cash (HLTH), just like Ethereum needs ETH. HLTH opens up new revenue stream opportunities for patients and providers. ‍ Healthcare-grade Security Health Nexus is a new blockchain - it is healthcare-grade because of its governance and validation protocols ensure that only HIPAA-compliant servers are allowed on the ecosystem. This is a recognized standard in healthcare, which means Health Nexus is safely adoptable. ‍ Distributed Protocol The built-in key pair system allows users to securely share their data with healthcare providers.

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Then audited smart contracts automatically update providers, ensuring all involved physicians are informed of the latest diagnoses and treatments.

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ To contribute to the Health Nexus project you must register your ERC20 token-compatible wallet address. Below you can read our objective review and analysis for Health Nexus (HLTH): Please read the disclaimer and risk warning. The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to ICOholder and ICOholder has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion). Token sales listed from persons that ICOholder has no relationship with are shown only to help customers keep track of the activity taking place within the overall token sector. Get Weekly ICO Updates Sign up for our newsletter and receive insider ICO news Coming Soon… ICORanker Verified: NO Token Symbol: ICO Price: Bonus: Platform: Accepting: Min. Investment: Soft Cap: Hard Cap: ICO Start Date: 2018-02-22 ICO End Date: 2018-03-20 Whitelist/KYC: NO Coming Soon… Healthcare is moving toward value based care, which ties payment to outcomes. The healthcare industry struggles to share data due to concerns about privacy, security, and the costs of aligning different tech infrastructures. The result is a slow, inaccurate, and costly process which impacts people’s lives. Health Nexus is an open-source blockchain protocol that provides a more efficient, trustworthy and secure path for the data to travel. Whether its patients to providers, pharmaceuticals to researchers, or supply chain to consumers, Health Nexus opens up a whole marketplace for innovation in data transfer for the healthcare community. Waitlist registration is open now. New Sophisticated Bitcoin Mining Technology . Start Mining Bitcoins from your Home or Office for just $ 950 . Click the Link Below : Why Does the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO Scam Work? Unrealistic Simply Vital Health (HLTH) goals: If an ICO makes bold claims without an economic plan or roadmap to support it, it’s best to avoid investing. Further, even if the team has offered a roadmap, you have to do your own research and judge the feasibility of the project. Let us know what you think , and let them know what you feel about their ICO . Before you invest your funds in the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO, you need to take a moment of introspection to reexamine why you are investing in the said cryptocurrency. Are you buying into the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO because it has strong business fundamentals or because the sales pitch make you feel good? You should also avoid buying into the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO because the marketing pitch is always in your face through ads, emails, social media, or an unrelenting friend. Is there a strong business case for Simply Vital Health (HLTH) technology ? Missing Simply Vital Health (HLTH) code repository: This is another sure shot method to spotting an ICO scam. If the company is unwilling to release its code to public repositories such as Github, avoid the ICO altogether. Please combine this with your typical individual who understands little of investing and only throws money at things. Thinking up a product like Simply Vital Health (HLTH) , is not the same thing as creating it.

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Startups like Simply Vital Health (HLTH) , very often “burn out” when faced with unforeseen problems.

Someone goes bankrupt after launching his startup, while someone else doesn’t launch at all. Please Note : fake ICOs make vague claims. Want to Become a Co-Founder in the DigitalBank ICO ? Our  Cyber Security Team of CryptoCurrency Experts are building the most advanced anonymous digital bank of the blockchain era. Confidential Online Banking with personal IBANs ,  chequebooks &  International Payment Cards . Your Bitcoin key is kept in pieces in 3 different real bank vaults in Switzerland . Guaranteed lifetime access . Register today at [email protected] and become a founding partner by owning real tangible shares in the DigitalBank US based company . Click the Link Below : Any project you invest money in must be real right now, not in the distant future. Is this the case with Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO ? Ask yourself : is this true for Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO ? Simply Vital Health (HLTH) people talk how their token supply will decrease (basic cryptocurrency feature present in all coins) and the token price will grow. See how fat that rising bottom line is. This is all they want – an expensive token that will let them dump and exchange it for Bitcoin. Due diligence is the key when it comes to research in the upcoming Dogezer (DGZ) ICO and the products they are offering. You cannot just rely on other people’s research, comments, thoughts or analysis. There are always individuals who pass off paid promotion content as their research. The best thing you can do is to communicate with Simply Vital Health (HLTH) corporate executives involved with the ICO. In most cases, they are more than happy to provide valuable information to help you make your decision. Always be aware that the people you talk to at Simply Vital Health (HLTH) , may not have the best intentions, so try to avoid sales pitches. Instead, focus on validating the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) company’s existence and direction. Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO will usually have an escrow to hold user’s funds during the ICO and after. So keep an eye out for the Escrow participants and the escrow conditions. This may save you some money. Do you think that the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) startup is using the top Escrow service .

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And if it’s not, it can be a good indicator about the fact that this ICO being a non-authentic one.

ICOs like Simply Vital Health (HLTH) , are a cheap way to finance artificial development without any commitments. They are a scam in itself because there is no insurance on the failure to deliver. Ask them the right questions before investing even one single dollar in the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO . You do not get the right answer , let us know . The field can be even more confusing to navigate when malicious groups get celebrity endorsements. Surely a trusted face would vet whoever they support? One thing that you should not forget to check on is what people are talking about the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO which you are interested. If you have any doubt, you can simply put an open ended question on the forum asking people their opinions. It turns out that the combination of attractive words, facts and new information will make a text look and sound great in the full description of the word great. REMEMBER : If something seems like a scam, it probably is. Post your Anonymous Complaints & Reviews Today about Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO . EMAIL US at [email protected] , about all the inside information you have about the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO . We will make sure that every person ,that will search information on Google, about Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO , will find , first of all , your review . Our Reviews are top level ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing , and we constantly show up on every possible search term , related to Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO . You can follow discussions about Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO projects on BitcoinTalk and see if the developers have had past projects as well as other details of their accounts. The forum could also mention scam projects or shady projects you need to shun. and of course from making a bad investment and loose your money . In general, during the development of their fundamental business strategy, Simply Vital Health (HLTH) , like the majority of ICO sturtups focus on attracting investments. Originally, they may not even care about the future elaboration or even operational processes of their products. They simply endeavor to encourage crypto-investors to buy their tokens actively within a certain period. Without a doubt, it’s the wrong approach. The reason being that all of this is extremely important for the future operations of a sturup as a mature business unit. These things will determine whether the price of a Simply Vital Health (HLTH) token issued by the company goes up or down at the crypto-exchanges. Obviously, Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO supporters are waiting for 10x capital gain, but the majority of us do not care about the deadlines for a project release. For anyone willing to invest in an ICO, please check the Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO project’s whitepaper for more technical and real information before moving forward.

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What you expect from a real ICO is high-level descriptions and specifications, step by step, about how the project will go on and how the technology works.

You will get charts, calculations, simulations, formulas and other specifications. However, many do. If you have any kind of information about Simply Vital Health (HLTH) ICO , that connects them to financial scams , online frauds and investor’s complaints , let us know ! There are thousands of ICOs like Simply Vital Health (HLTH) , even going on right now , but unfortunately, most of them are scams or fake and out to steal your money. Most of ICO scams target first timers, but even experienced traders and miners fall into the scam trap. The Wolf of Wall Street Thinks that ICOs Are ‘The Biggest Scam Ever’ New Sophisticated Bitcoin Mining Technology . Start Mining Bitcoins from your Home or Office Start Now your Bitcoin Mining for just $ 950  ! Click the Link Below :