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We will contact you asap. A highly scalable public blockchain via Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake Disclaimer: The founding team of ICO Market Data has direct involvement in Elrond Network. Having a strong focus on security, Elrrond’s network is built to ensure resistance to known security problems like Sybil attack, Rogue-key attack, Nothing at Stake attack and others. In an ecosystem that strives for interconnectivity, Elrond’s solution for smart contracts offers an EVM com-pliant engine to ensure interoperability by design. [Main contribution proposal]: A) Adaptive State Sharding - Elrond proposes a dynamically adaptive sharding mechanism that ena-bles shard computation and reorganizing based on necessity and the number of active network nodes. The reassignment of nodes in the shards at the beginning of each epoch is progressive and nondeter-ministic, inducing no temporary liveness penalties. Adaptive state sharding comes with additional chal-lenges compared to the static model. One of the key-points resides in how shard-splitting and shard-merging is done to prevent overall latency penalties. 2) Introducing a technique of balancing the nodes in each shard, to achieve overall architecture equilibrium. This technique ensures a balanced workload and reward for each node in the network. 3) Designing a built-in mechanism for automatic transaction routing in the corresponding shards, considerably reduces latency as a result. 4) In order to achieve considerable improvements with respect to bootstrapping and storage, Elrond makes use of a shard pruning mechanism. This ensures sustainability of our architecture even with a throughput of tens of thousands of transactions per second (TPS). This is possible because the last block’s aggregated signature is used as the randomization factor. In addition to the stake factor generally used in PoS architectures as a sole decision input, Elrond refines its consensus mechanism by adding an additional weight factor called rating. Linearly, Elrond has reached 10000tps at 8BM/s with 16shards and 50000 tps at 8MB/s average bandwidth 64shards. The random number, known to all shard nodes through gos-sip, cannot be predicted before the block is actually signed by the previous consensus group. This property makes it a good source of randomness and prevents highly adaptive malicious attacks. We define a selection function to return the set of chosen nodes 3) Performance - Sharding approach shows a linearly increasing throughput. 4) Shard storage pruning - To reduce storage requirements and bootstrapping time. Dear Seele Community, First off, our team thanks everyone for being patient as we conducted our investigation. We would also like to apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused to our supporters. The accounts in question were KYC-approved and allowed to participate in our public sale because the attached documentation, after undergoing a stringent auditing process, were deemed legitimate. With that being said, our team has decided—after much deliberation among ourselves— that the best course of action is to refund the ETH in question in its entirety. It is within Seele’s right to dictate who partakes in its public sale. To balance out the refunded 659.497 ETH, our team will host an extra round of fundraising, thereby giving everyone else another opportunity to contribute funds to Seele. The extra round of token sale will take place on . The sale will have a hard cap of 659.497 ETH and operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Thank you for reading this message and continuing to support Seele! Public sale tokens will be distributed shortly prior to Seele’s listing on an official exchange. The listing will occur after all sales-related logistics are dealt with. Please follow our official announcement channel for the latest updates! Only TRUST information from our official channels. Seele will not be held responsible for economic losses due to misinformation from unverified sources. Anyone asking you to send ETH or BTC in that fashion is a scammer. Please alert our team IMMEDIATELY if you are approached by a scammer. 05.04.2018 05:52:56 Business transformation through great mobile experiences. Please, describe the bugs in the data. Missed rounds, incorrect statuses, unworkable links or any other bugs found. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for the financial industry with more than 1 mln tx/sec and 0.01 sec for a transaction. CREDITS is a new, unique blockchain platform with absolutely new technical capabilities of the network, response time, transaction cost and the number of operations per second. Please read the disclaimer and risk warning.

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The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to ICOholder and ICOholder has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion). Token sales listed from persons that ICOholder has no relationship with are shown only to help customers keep track of the activity taking place within the overall token sector. This information is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist advice or carry out your own due diligence before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content on our site. Get Weekly ICO Updates Sign up for our newsletter and receive insider ICO news Iulian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has designed and implemented rugged, industrial-grade software for more than 10 years. He has extensive experience in C#, ASP.NET, ABAP, Python, SQL, interfacing PLC’s, ERP systems (SAP and others) and is a passionate engineer with strong knowledge about IoT devices, network infrastructures, as well as analog and digital It’s only a matter of time before we starting seeing enterprise marketing functions outsourced and the emergence of more ‘marketing-as-a-service’ business models globally. The vendor recently brought on IT industry stalwart and former chief of Intel in Australia, Phil Cronin, to lead the partner network charge around its customer technology practice regionally. Robson pointed to a growing trend where agencies shift from an advisory role around marketing technologies, to implementation and run. “We’re moving forward with our reseller model with our Marketing Cloud, which is a core strategy for us in terms of go-to-market,” Robson told CMO. “Secondly, as the business matures, it’s less advisory and more about implementation and run. These companies took the IT infrastructure out of enterprise organisations and ran it on their behalf. “It’s the same evolution we’re seeing now around Marketing Cloud,” Robson said. “Where you find more and more partners popping in, it’s literally around implementation. Because when it comes to integrating ERP, CRM, your data platform and martech – it’s the architectural implementation of how it all works together that’s vital. “In the old days of technology, companies would also manage your IT infrastructure for you. We’re not yet at a point where agencies in the martech world are offering that level of service. But there is huge growth to come in the concept of agencies outsourcing the marketing function for the enterprise. “Typically, agencies in the marketing space have been media or creative; they supplied ad placement and creative services, it was never the marketing management. I see a lot of companies now saying they want to offer that form of marketing-as-a-service business. For Robson, using data legally and ethically comes down to the perceived value of data exchange and service between customer and brand. That changes by the individual,” he said. “I’m super happy to give away data to some organisations because I like to have the feedback. With my bank for instance, if they are going to recommend a better way of banking, I’m happy to have that engagement. “The more deeply personal you become, the more iterations of the content you need to serve and need to have. And you need to have it in real time,” he said. As an example, he pointed to Qantas’ 15 million Frequent Flyer program members. “To do that, you’re talking about 15 million pieces of content that need to be served individually in real time,” Robson said. “Hopefully what you are seeing with each and every summit is that we’re bridging that gap at a deeper level. You’re seeing it with things like Adobe Sensei, Content Auditor, the speed with which you can use Photoshop and Illustrator,” he said. To illustrate the challenges with content at velocity across channels, Robson pointed to an FSI organisation Adobe works with. “Traditionally, a brand campaign was limited by whatever asset took the longest to create,” Robson explained. “In this case, the assets were the pull-up banners sent around to branches nationally. The lead time it took to get creative to and from the designer, to the printer, and then the shipping, was six weeks. So they had a six-week lead time to create the longest asset.” By contrast, using digital signage and fresh content on-demand cuts this to seconds and minutes, Robson said. “If you use RFID or beacons onsite, I could walk into a bank and that screen delivers me a personal message…That is such a different experience. You’re talking about real-time content delivery. “That’s the exciting thing about where we are today, but that’s also the velocity challenge. “There are a couple piloting that right now, and getting really close.

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“Australia is a top five market for us globally.

“The CTO or CIO in Asia remains in a more powerful position and the budgets haven’t moved as much,” he said. “You also see a lot more on-premise technology as opposed to cloud-based technology, because they have invested in the local data centre and want to use that. “That says the concept of data is only so much; the content is critical. When Accenture goes and buys a creative agency, surely that validates that position,” he said. In FY18, Adobe across the Asia-Pacific region allocated 90 per cent of new headcount to non-revenue generating, customer-focused, customer service roles. “The maturity of the company we sell the tech to impacts the success model significantly. It’s not OK with me if there is a perspective that we’re not supporting our customers enough,” Robson said. “There is a huge focus on driving customer success.” What’s also clear success comes down to a successful combination of people, process and product, Robson concluded. “The difference between the leaders and laggards today is so broad. A few years ago, the industry was moving as a pack. Now, some organisations are so far ahead with people, and process, the way they implement and use the architecture versus those that don’t,” he added. - Nadia Cameron travelled to Adobe Summit as a guest of Adobe. Get Weekly ICO Updates Sign up for our newsletter and receive insider ICO news Curaizon is the high-level reporting and informatics platform for health services. This service offers a view into every patent on an individual basis but can generate powerful reports that identify problems across a range of patent segments. From drugs to disease, and demographics to multi-morbidity, Curaizon is able to give the health service an in-depth overview of the successes and failures that lay within the system. it is able to identify best and worst practice across the network of doctors, highlighting issues that can be resolved with the correct application of resources that would otherwise be unknowable.CuraServe is a complete healthcare ecosystem that improves drug adherence and brings game-changing benefits to patients and healthcare providers. Curaizon uses a series of outreach tools and messages, supported by predictive modeling and behavioral analytics, to increase the rate of drug adherence. As the CuraServe solution helps patients, it’s also generating a vast amount of patient data. That data is then anonymized and made available through CuraData. The only way that pharmaceutical companies, academics, and researchers can access this data by purchasing CuraTokens. Curaizon is unique because our CuraServe solution generates the information that drives the value of the CuraData platform. Curaizon is not simply offering another way of storing, sharing or mining data. Curaizon data is the first-of-its-kind insight into real-time patent behavior and adherence. Through our collaborations with research institutions, national health services, and biotech companies, we shall create one of the most powerful and valuable data sources in healthcare. Curaizon will become a center of excellence within the community of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Curaizon data and analytics will finally give the health and pharmaceutical industries the tools they have been looking for to bring about the change patents need. Curaizon value-based approach to a simple, accessible, yet valuable exchange of data and analysis will revolutionize the healthcare landscape. Leveraging the contracts with healthcare providers, we can quickly build an ecosystem of mutually beneficial stakeholders within the value chain. Healthcare is changing forever and Curaizon stands at the cutting edge of this transformation. CuraToken (“CTKN”) is an EIP-20 Ethereum-based utility token which can be used to access medical adherence data via Curaizon’s CuraData platorm. This data is of interest to research institutions, national health services, and biotech companies. Blockchain technology will be used to store the patent permissions and ensure transparency and anonymity. Through the smart contracts and embedded API calls, access is given to the underlying big data. Through this technology, CuraToken (CTKN) will become a unique solution to build a win-win-win situation for token holders, patents, and medical institutions. The data grows over time and constantly increases in utility and consequently value. Our reward program encourages data collaboration, thus increasing the overall value and attractiveness of our data. Our CuraCharity platform donates to worthy causes that are leading the way in research and better treatment in the healthcare sector. Curaizon’s primary focus is on saving lives while reducing costs and improving patent outcomes.

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CuraServe solutions will result in an immediate and measurable improvement in patent lives.

higher adherence rates, we reduce episodes of acute illness, hospitalization, and more serious complications such as disability and death. By doing this, Curaizon help reduce hospital readmissions by up to 50% and reduce overall costs and eases the financial burden of healthcare providers. The healthcare analytics market is expected to reach $24.55 billion by 2021 from $7.39 billion in 2016 representing an annual growth rate of 27.1 %8. The next generation of big data and analysis tools that power Smart Health innovation will not necessarily be about more research, but better research data. CuraData is at the forefront of this paradigm and, through the democratization of our data, the company can deliver benefits for every stakeholder. From patent to a healthcare provider, analyst to token holders, improved societal outcomes are the primary objectives. Curaizon can reduce waste and keep patients healthy and out of the hospital. Curaizon does this by engaging them as a stakeholder in their own care. As technology plays an ever-greater role in healthcare, patent outcomes, quality of care, efficiency and life expectancy will all improve. Every time that Curaizon helps a patent take their medication, Curaizon lower overall healthcare costs and allow patents to lead happier and healthier lives. Curaizon will be a driving force in this mission. Reducing waste and lowering healthcare costs is of paramount importance to countries around the world. Relieving pressure on payers and allowing those precious resources to be deployed where it is most needed is an extremely effective way to serve society. With today’s huge patent caseloads, treating patients sooner saves both lives and healthcare costs. For healthcare providers, delivering a fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment requires them to make informed decisions quickly. One of the best ways to curb healthcare costs is to keep patents from entering the hospital system in the first place. Curaizon’s data analytcs tools send automated alerts to healthcare providers when patents are about to fall into a pre-frailty state. These alerts can literally reduce hospitalizations through immediate preventative care. For hospitalized patients, physicians can use our predictive analytics to optimize outcomes and reduce readmissions. This data is having a major impact in optimizing patent outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Using a decentralized blockchain approach means all raw patent data will belong and be private to the patent in exactly the way that bitcoin belongs to the purchaser. To guarantee data integrity and prevent tampering the blockchain will hold a cryptographic hash of the patent record. Patents will be able to choose which specific anonymized data to share and in what situation. Curaizon is sensitive to jurisdictional differences and seeks to align our practices with those of the regions or countries in which we operate. The data itself will be AES 256 encrypted and located in cloud services in the appropriate national domain. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: Or Whatsapp Us- 918077121282 Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online. 2 days ago THANK YOU!! ameer rosin, peter schiff, finance, economy, silver, stock, fintech, currency, investing, forex, usd, profit, retirement, economics, value, hangouts … Origami Network is a protocol for building decentralized marketplace. Origami Network solves several existing problems related to online marketplace development and maintenance, escrow payments, and trusted reviews. The Origami Network has a working product and several customers already on board benefitting from its technology. The Origami Network is based on three self-sufficient platforms: – Origami Marketplace – Origami Payment, and – Origami Review. These complementary platforms can be used in a modularized fashion or together. Besides, Elrond uses shard horizontal calculation, storing data in horizontal row.

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Elround compares itself with other blockchains like Ethereum 15 TPS, Bitcoin 7 TPS, Visa 5000 TPS, elrond: 10k TPS.

Elrond had the initial test proving  the ablity to solve through put, which is 1000 times as efficient as Eth, BTC, Visa. However, the testnet has not been public. Before that, he was the CEO of Metachain Capital fund, investing in projects such as Ziliqua, Icon, Wanchain, Nebulas, and more. Prior to that, he is Co-founder of the ICO Market Data for 10 months, and the company focused on ICO investment analysis, which was quite small. He also has 4-year experience in Blockchain investment. CIO: Lucian Mincu is an accomplished infrastructure engineer with 8-year experience in developing startups, designing and implementing engineering, networking and infrastructure solutions for large enterprises such as German State. He enjoys cutting-edge technology, and he has been participated in blockchain since 2016. He is also the co-founder of the Metachain Foundation and the ICO Market Data. Head of Research: Alexandru Butean holds a Ph.D. in Science Studies and Teaching Database Architecture as a Professor Assistant in the University. He is one of the founders of the INCON Research Center. He is a member of the RoboCup Executive Council, a member of the RoboCup Technical Committee. He has advanced experience in Multi-Agent Systems, Machine Learning and AI. He holds a bachelor in Computer Science and Software Engineering with over-18-year experience in working in various languages ​​and technologies. However, the companies he underwent earlier were not very famous. Adrian Dobrita: Main Developer: won National first Prize of the Multi-Agent AI System Competition. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Advanced Computing System. With more than 10 years of experience, he is a software engineer with proficient skills in using programming languages. Software Engineer at AUSY, service and information technology company, for more than a year, however this company is not very well known. Main Developer: Ion Ceban holds a Computer Science degree and a Bachelor degree in Advanced Computing. He is a full-stack programmer mainly in web and mobile applications with languages namely NodeJs, Angular 6, ReactJs and React Native. He has over-9-year-experience in working with both large and small start-up companies and he is passionate about using top-end solutions and software architecture pattern to solve complex problems. => Overall, the development team is clearly divided in terms of the positions such as the executive, executive, programmer or research but no marketing or community management. If you look at the details, you can realize that in the team, CEOs and COO are the two most prominent members. Overall rating: moderate Currently, Elrond’s roadmap has reached five main milestones starting from the third quarter of 2017 when it began to work in technique. We contacted and were confirmed that the team were making great efforts in the initial product following the roadmap at the end of Q2 prototype. Then, this schedule will be edited. There are no Advisor and no public github Telegram: + 7,9K members Twitter: +400 follower Admin is a member of Elrond’s coreteam, actively answering community questions including tokensale or technique. It is too premature to affirm that whether Elrond team can do what they said. However, this is a quite enthusiastic and promising team! Most recently, the team has posted updates that they have attained transaction processing - a milestone! HYPE RISK ROI TERM ICOGENS’S SCORE MEDIUM MEDIUM NOT RATE NOT RATE MEDIUM Follow for the updates about Elrond and other ICO projects. *Note: All the information (on including tokens sales, “interest level”, ROI rate, hype rate, risk rate are our subjective opinion and only for informational and educational purposes. The information ICO Gens provides is not an investment advice. HYPE: is defined as the level of concern over a project and its FOMO. RISK: the risk rate of the project. Based on this score, you can find more spam warnings of the project. More specifically, RISK is about the transparency of the project, its idea, members of the development team, roadmap and whitepaper. (RISK is rated regardless ROI rate of the project). ROI: (Return on Investment): the rate of profit a project can bring to investors (ROI is considered separately from RISK. ROI can be rated High and RISK can be rated High as well). TERM: this factor reveals the length of time you should hold token or coin of a project. The period of time can be Short, Medium or Long.

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ICOGENS’ SCORE: this score can be decided by scores of four other scores or it will reflect the level of interest ICOGENS’ team has in the project.

This score is separated from ROI score. It just shows how much Icogens core team concern the project. @icomarketdataAnn Official Announcement Channel of ICO Market Data: Community discussion channel: